Budget Bites: Affordable Eateries in St. Moritz for a Delicious Bargain!

St Moritz Where to Eat Cheap

Looking for affordable dining options in St Moritz? Discover budget-friendly restaurants and eateries in the picturesque alpine town.

When it comes to dining in the luxurious Swiss resort town of St. Moritz, many people assume that it is synonymous with extravagant prices and exclusive restaurants. However, to their surprise, St. Moritz also offers a range of affordable dining options that cater to budget-conscious travelers without compromising on quality or taste. Whether you are a thrifty backpacker or simply looking to save some money during your visit, there are several eateries in St. Moritz where you can enjoy delicious meals without breaking the bank.



St. Moritz is a luxurious Alpine resort town located in the Engadin Valley of Switzerland. Renowned for its stunning landscapes, world-class ski slopes, and glamorous clientele, St. Moritz is often associated with high-end dining experiences. However, for budget-conscious travelers, there are still plenty of options to indulge in delicious meals without breaking the bank. This article will guide you through some of the best affordable eateries in St. Moritz.

1. Local Cafés


Start your day with a visit to one of St. Moritz's charming local cafés. These establishments offer a cozy atmosphere and serve freshly baked pastries, sandwiches, and aromatic coffee. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast while taking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Some popular café options include Badrutt's Palace Café and Café Hanselmann.

2. Traditional Swiss Cuisine


To experience authentic Swiss flavors without spending a fortune, head to traditional Swiss restaurants in St. Moritz. These establishments often serve hearty dishes such as fondue, raclette, and rösti, which are not only delicious but also reasonably priced. Some recommended options to savor these culinary delights include Chesa Veglia and Stüva da Vin.

3. Pizzerias and Italian Eateries


If you're craving pizza or pasta, St. Moritz also has several affordable pizzerias and Italian eateries. These establishments offer a wide variety of Italian dishes, including wood-fired pizzas, homemade pasta, and flavorful gelato. Treat yourself to an authentic taste of Italy at places like Pizzeria Heuboden and Da Vittorio.

4. Asian Delicacies


For those seeking a break from European flavors, St. Moritz also caters to Asian cuisine enthusiasts. Enjoy delectable sushi, Thai curries, or Chinese stir-fried dishes at affordable prices. Some notable Asian restaurants in St. Moritz include Restaurant Nira Alpina and King's Social House.

5. Takeaway and Street Food


If you're looking for a quick and budget-friendly meal option, consider grabbing some takeaway or street food in St. Moritz. Several vendors offer delicious snacks such as crepes, sausages, and kebabs. Take your food to a picturesque spot by the lake or in the mountains for a memorable dining experience.

6. Local Delicatessens


For a picnic or a light lunch, visit one of the local delicatessens in St. Moritz. These gourmet food stores offer an array of freshly prepared sandwiches, salads, and regional specialties. Pick up some local cheeses, cured meats, and freshly baked bread to create a delightful meal on the go.

7. Budget-Friendly Bars


After a long day exploring St. Moritz, unwind at one of the budget-friendly bars in town. Enjoy a refreshing drink or sample locally brewed beers without straining your wallet. These bars often have happy hour specials and provide a relaxed atmosphere to socialize with fellow travelers.

8. Alpine Huts


For a unique dining experience, venture out to the nearby alpine huts surrounding St. Moritz. These rustic mountain retreats serve traditional Swiss dishes and offer awe-inspiring panoramic views. Enjoy a hearty meal while immersing yourself in the tranquil beauty of the Swiss Alps.

9. Lunch Menus


Many upscale restaurants in St. Moritz offer affordable lunch menus, allowing you to sample their culinary delights at a fraction of the dinner prices. Take advantage of these special offers and treat yourself to a fine dining experience without breaking your budget.

10. Self-Catering


If you're staying in self-catering accommodation, take advantage of the local grocery stores and markets in St. Moritz. Prepare your own meals using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. This not only allows you to save money but also gives you the freedom to experiment with Swiss recipes in the comfort of your own kitchen.


While St. Moritz is known for its luxurious dining options, there are numerous affordable eateries that allow you to savor the flavors of this Alpine paradise without straining your budget. From local cafés to ethnic restaurants and self-catering options, there's something to suit every taste and wallet. So, go ahead and indulge in the culinary delights of St. Moritz without worrying about the price tag!

Traditional Delights at Affordable Prices

St Moritz offers a variety of options where you can experience the authentic flavors of Swiss cuisine at affordable prices. Whether you're in the mood for traditional fondue, raclette, or hearty Swiss rosti, there are budget-friendly eateries that serve up these delectable dishes without breaking the bank. Indulge in the rich and comforting flavors of Swiss cuisine while keeping your wallet happy.

Budget-Friendly Cafés for a Quick Bite

If you're looking for a more casual dining experience, the town is home to many delightful and pocket-friendly cafés, where you can enjoy a quick meal or snack. These charming establishments offer a range of options, from freshly baked pastries and sandwiches to hearty soups and salads. Take a break from exploring the town and relax in these cozy cafés while savoring delicious yet affordable bites.

Hidden Gems for Savory Pizza

St Moritz boasts a number of lesser-known pizzerias that serve up delicious pizzas at affordable prices, making it a great option for a budget-friendly meal. Whether you prefer classic Margherita, indulgent toppings, or unique flavor combinations, these hidden gems have it all. Enjoy a slice of cheesy goodness without emptying your wallet and satisfy your pizza cravings in St Moritz.

Affordable Asian Fare to Delight Your Tastebuds

If you're in the mood for something different, St Moritz offers a selection of affordable Asian restaurants that serve up flavorful dishes, allowing you to indulge in international cuisine without breaking your budget. From aromatic Thai curries to mouth-watering sushi rolls and spicy Indian delicacies, there's something to suit every palate. Explore the diverse culinary scene in St Moritz without worrying about overspending.

Budget Choices for Tasty Burgers

Burger lovers need not fret about the prices in St Moritz, as there are several affordable eateries that offer delicious burgers, ensuring you can enjoy a tasty treat without overspending. Sink your teeth into juicy and flavorful burgers made with high-quality ingredients, all at wallet-friendly prices. Whether you prefer classic beef patties or vegetarian alternatives, these budget-friendly spots have got you covered.

Pocket-Friendly Spots for Locally-Sourced Delicacies

St Moritz is known for its exceptional local produce, and by dining at affordable eateries that prioritize local sourcing, you can savor the flavors of the region while keeping your expenses in check. These pocket-friendly spots offer a range of locally-sourced delicacies, from fresh fish and seasonal vegetables to artisanal cheeses and cured meats. Support local businesses and enjoy the best of St Moritz's culinary offerings without breaking the bank.

Affordable Italian Cuisine for Pasta Lovers

If you have a soft spot for pasta, you'll be pleased to know that St Moritz is home to several affordable Italian restaurants, where you can enjoy a variety of pasta dishes without overspending. From classic spaghetti carbonara to rich and creamy fettuccine Alfredo, these budget-friendly establishments serve up authentic Italian flavors at reasonable prices. Indulge in your favorite pasta dishes and satisfy your cravings without stretching your budget.

Cozy Budget Eateries with Alpine Charm

St Moritz is known for its enchanting alpine charm, and by dining at budget-friendly eateries, you can savor your meals in a cozy and genuine atmosphere without worrying about high costs. These establishments offer a warm and welcoming setting, often adorned with traditional Swiss décor, creating a unique dining experience. Immerse yourself in the alpine ambiance while enjoying affordable and delicious meals.

Street Food Delights for On-the-Go Budget Meals

If you're in a rush or prefer a more casual dining experience, St Moritz offers an array of street food options that are both flavorsome and pocket-friendly. Explore the street food scene and discover a variety of delicious quick bites to grab on-the-go. From mouth-watering bratwursts to savory crepes and flavorful falafel wraps, these street vendors offer a taste of St Moritz without breaking the bank.

Affordable Gourmet Options for Fine Dining on a Budget

St Moritz is home to several restaurants that provide gourmet dining experiences at affordable prices, allowing you to enjoy top-notch cuisine while staying within your budget. These establishments offer high-quality dishes prepared by talented chefs, showcasing the finest ingredients and culinary techniques. Treat yourself to an unforgettable dining experience without paying premium prices.

St. Moritz is a stunning destination nestled in the Swiss Alps that offers visitors a wide range of dining options. While it is known for its luxurious and high-end restaurants, there are also plenty of affordable places to eat in this picturesque town. Whether you're on a budget or simply looking for a casual dining experience, St. Moritz has something to offer everyone.

Here are some great options for cheap eats in St. Moritz:

  1. Trattoria da Giocondo: This cozy Italian restaurant is a local favorite, offering delicious homemade pasta dishes at affordable prices. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, making it a perfect spot for a casual meal after a day of exploring the town.

  2. Pizzeria Heuboden: If you're craving pizza, look no further than Pizzeria Heuboden. This family-friendly restaurant serves up delicious thin-crust pizzas with a variety of toppings. The prices are reasonable, and the portions are generous.

  3. Bäckerei-Konditorei Hanselmann: For a quick and affordable bite, head to this charming bakery. They offer a wide selection of freshly baked goods, sandwiches, and salads. It's a great option for a light lunch or a takeaway picnic to enjoy in one of St. Moritz's beautiful parks.

  4. The King's Club Diner: If you're in the mood for American-style comfort food, this diner is the place to go. They serve up classic burgers, fries, and milkshakes at reasonable prices. The retro decor adds to the fun and laid-back atmosphere.

  5. Pizzeria Selva: Another great option for pizza lovers, Pizzeria Selva offers a wide range of traditional and creative pizza combinations. The prices are affordable, and the quality is top-notch. It's a popular spot among locals and tourists alike.

When dining at these affordable establishments, it's important to note that the atmosphere may be more casual and less formal compared to some of the upscale restaurants in St. Moritz. However, the quality of the food remains excellent, ensuring a satisfying dining experience without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, despite its reputation for luxury, St. Moritz offers plenty of options for those looking to eat on a budget. From cozy Italian trattorias to laid-back diners and bakeries, there's something to suit every taste and preference. So, don't hesitate to explore the affordable dining scene in St. Moritz and savor the delicious flavors without emptying your wallet.

Hello and welcome to our blog! Today, we are going to share with you some insider tips on where to eat cheap in the beautiful town of St Moritz. St Moritz is known for its luxurious lifestyle and world-class dining options, but that doesn't mean you have to break the bank to enjoy a delicious meal here. So, let's dive in and discover some hidden gems that won't hurt your wallet!

Firstly, if you're looking for a quick and affordable bite, head over to the local food markets. Here, you'll find an array of fresh produce, local delicacies, and street food stalls. Grab a delicious bratwurst from one of the vendors or indulge in some mouthwatering Swiss cheese. Not only will you get a taste of authentic Swiss cuisine, but you'll also get to experience the vibrant atmosphere of the market. It's a win-win situation!

If you're craving a sit-down meal without breaking the bank, don't worry, we've got you covered. St Moritz has plenty of budget-friendly restaurants that offer great value for money. One such place is Pasta e Basta, a cozy Italian eatery tucked away in a side street. They serve generous portions of homemade pasta at affordable prices. From classic carbonara to creamy pesto, their menu has something for everyone. Another option is The Pizzeria, a family-friendly restaurant that serves delicious wood-fired pizzas at reasonable prices. With a wide variety of toppings to choose from, you can customize your pizza to suit your taste buds.

Lastly, if you're in the mood for some international flavors, head over to Taste of India. This Indian restaurant offers a lunch buffet that is not only delicious but also easy on the pocket. Indulge in flavorful curries, aromatic rice, and freshly baked naan bread without breaking your budget. The staff is friendly and the ambiance is cozy, making it a perfect spot for a satisfying meal.

We hope these tips will help you explore the affordable dining options in St Moritz. Remember, enjoying good food doesn't always mean spending a fortune. So, go ahead and savor the flavors of this beautiful town without worrying about your wallet. Bon appétit!

1. Where can I find cheap places to eat in St Moritz?

While St Moritz is known for its luxurious dining options, there are still some affordable places to eat in the area. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Pizzeria Heuboden: This cozy pizzeria offers delicious wood-fired pizzas at reasonable prices. It's a popular spot among locals and tourists alike.

  2. Chesa Veglia Pizzeria: Located in the historic Badrutt's Palace Hotel, this pizzeria serves mouthwatering pizzas at relatively affordable prices. You can enjoy your meal in a charming setting.

  3. La Baracca: This Italian restaurant offers a variety of affordable pasta dishes and pizzas. It's a great option for those looking for budget-friendly meals without compromising on taste.

  4. Hauser Restaurant: Situated in the heart of St Moritz, this restaurant offers reasonably priced Swiss and international dishes. The menu has a good selection of options to cater to different tastes.

  5. Kulm Country Club: If you're looking for a casual dining experience, this club offers a range of affordable dishes, including burgers, salads, and sandwiches. It's a perfect spot for a quick and satisfying meal.

These are just a few examples of where you can find cheap places to eat in St Moritz. Remember to explore the local area and ask for recommendations from locals as well.

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